Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Day Two

Day two was a great test of raw on the go. I had work from 7:45 until 5 and then I had to go to school until 8ish for journal stuff. So I packed food for the entire day.

Heres what I nom-ed on:
- green berry smoothie with apple
- snap peas and raspberries from the garden, cucumber, cherries and watermelon
- meredith's granola apple cinnamon snack
- "hamburger" with basil from garden mixed with garlic, olive oil and tomato

delish, delish, delish. I LOVED the basil on the burg.

result: 3 poops

Im definitely starting to feel more energized and not very tired. The past two days I have slept weird - not like deep sleep but aware sleep. It could be from the heat but I think its because my mind is running a lot. This could just be from the excitement of going raw.

But I am having random cravings like bread, muffins and turkey meat. I am not worried about this 30 day challenge. I can definitely go through it without a problem. But what freaks me out is making this a life commitment. But I guess I have to do this one day at a time...

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  1. Hello Daria,

    I'm just beginning to read through your blog. I love reading/hearing about other people's journeys to health.

    When I first went raw I also experienced what you describe as "aware sleep", as did my wife (funny thing is, I also attributed it to heat. Guess that that's the only circumstance under which I've experienced it before). I still have no idea what exactly causes that (probably just our bodies working on much higher available energy than usual), but I loved it!