Monday, July 5, 2010

Day One: continued

So today I started the morning with a green berry smoothie. Berries, spinach and wheat grass. Yum. I have been doing smoothies in the morning for about two months now and transitioned to green smoothies for a week. I love it. So this was not much of a change to my routine.

Later in the afternoon I had some cucumber and raspberries from my parents garden.

My mom and I went to whole foods. I bought a bunch of raw munchie snacks and organic fruits and veggies. It all came to a lovely $150.

After my return from the store I munched on some curry sunflower seeds and cherries.

For dinner I was spoiled. I visited Meredith and Mindy. Meredith made me some delicious raw foodz for the week: raw "hamburger," raw "bread" and granola snacks. So for dinner I had the burg with some avocado, onion and tomatoes. Very good.

So I kinda had a mental freak out today. I realized I wont be having any of the normal stuff thats lying around the house For instance a muffin, or this pasta stuff my mom made. Of course I can have creations that are similar but the simplicity will be gone. The easiness of stores providing these meals for you. But things will get easier. Its all a learning process.

But on the bright side, I am looking forward to my raw chocolate milkshake tonight! Im going to nom the crap out of it.


  1. Hi Daria! How wonderful of you to have crossed paths with the uber-talented Meredith... seems like it happened just when you needed it, too :)

    I have a similar story, except mine involved nursing school and big-time stress eating. I've been raw for 2 years this summer and can testify to the life-changing results.

    Have a yummy day 2.

  2. thanks nikki! it really is perfect timing. being a future attorney and the stress ill experience would have resulted into obesity for sure. watching attorneys i work with, weight problems are definitely an issue.