Monday, July 5, 2010

Day One: Hi, my name is Daria and I am an addict. A bad food addict.

So why have I decided to go raw?

Dustin and Meredith are visiting Mindy, a family friend of mine, for the entire summer. The two of them have been raw for about 2-3 years now. When I first heard about eating nothing but raw food I thought it was just plain weird. How does one not eat cooked food? But the more they talked about it the more intrigued I became. I also tried some of Mer's creations. They were delicious! So the more intrigued I became the more research I did. The health benefits of eating raw is phenomenal. Just look it up for yourself. Moreover, I believe this will be extremely beneficial to my horrible eating addictions and lazy lifestyle.

I am obsessed with food. Addicted to food. I think about food all the time. I also stress eat. Sad eat. Happy eat. Eat, eat, eat. If its on my plate I will consume you.

My lifestyle also doesnt help. Im in law school. I am always sitting on my bed reading or studying. My breaks consist of more sitting on my ass and watching tv shows. I hardly ever walk since I moved back to CT. At least in the city you were forced to walk. Here you just walk back and forth from the car to your house.

This lifestyle has resulted in constant weight fluctuations. When I was younger, I never had weight problems. They began when I moved to America. My family and I moved here when I was about 8. No one had weight problems. My mom was skinny throughout her life. Now we are all overweight. A few years ago my grandma came to live here. She came skinny but after 2 years she was fat. She moved back to Poland, and shes skinny again. The food that we eat here is bad. Toxic.

So it is time for a lifestyle change. The goal here is to make a lifetime change via a 30 day challenge. Why a 30 day challenge? Well I am a type A personality. I like a little challenge and competition within myself.

So lets do this!

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