Monday, July 19, 2010

Day Twelve, Thirteen, Fourteen: TWO WEEKS DONE

Two Week Overall Impressions:

So yesterday was officially two weeks that I have been 100% raw. I feel AMAZING. I cant get over the energy that I feel inside. Its almost like im going to burst out. I love it. I cannot see myself going back to normal food. I am also starting to look at regular food as gross. For example, I went into the convenience store the other day, and all I could think about is all the processed stuff in there. I no longer saw it as food. I also no longer have cravings. Ill think about certain foods but its not like a craving but more of I want to replicate that into raw food! I have also lost 5 pounds since starting. Yay to feeling awesome!
Day Twelve

morning: green berry smoothie

afternoon: mixed spring salad with radishes and cucumbers, and meredith's "meat"; watermelon, raspberries

evening: leftover calzone and marinara sauce!!! watermelon, and ice cream!

result: 3 poops
best of all my new blender arrived!!

I was planning on making a new batch of marinara sauce. So I asked Meredith for the ingredients and recipe but the santa clause that she is she just whipped up a whole new jar for me! So after work I picked up the marinara sauce, the recipe and a pack of sundried tomatoes bag so I know what to get in the future. She truly is amazing and I feel beyond lucky to have her guiding and teaching me.

Day Thirteen

afternoon: falafel balls, marinara sauce, cucumber, "rice cake" bread with nut cheese!

evening: hamburg on onion bread with marinara sauce, nut cheese and basil with garlic; watermelon and ice cream!

result: 3 poops

Day Fourteen

afternoon: green berry smoothie, watermelon, pepitas

evening: creamy red pepper soup, watermelon, raisins, cashews

result: 3 poops

I also went to whole foods yesterday so I stocked up on plenty of new stuff. Today I am planning to experiment and make something new!


  1. How do I get the recipes for these dishes?

  2. well for the soup:

    but for the other stuff you will have to talk to meredith. shes the one that made the difficult stuff: