Friday, July 16, 2010

Day Eleven: Its Christmas!

Yesterday was a great day!

: green berry smoothie

Afternoon: spring salad, watermelon, raspberries, sunflower seeds

Evening: stuffed mushroom, spaghetti made out of eggplant, marinara sauce, calzone, a siamese cherry and watermelon!!

result: 4 poops

Holy crap was this all good. Meredith is beyond awesome at this raw thing.

Yesterday was also like Christmas for me. Meredith stockpiled my weekly supply. She was totally santa clause and I was a little kid ecstatic for my goods.

I got the following: onion bread, rice cake type of bread, hamburgers, left over calzone, "meat" for my salad, falafel balls, cheese and ICE CREAM. Am I lucky or what?? So besides eating the most delicious meal and getting awesome goods we also watched Food Inc. Just watching that documentary makes me never again want to buy anything from the grocery store lol.

I told Meredith last night how I have not quite detoxed yet. I have been pooing more but no crazy change. So what happened last night? Massive poopies! haha I jinxed myself.

BUT I am still feeling awesome and continuing onto day twelve today.


  1. Daria! I'm publicly stalking you now, yayyy. I'm so happy you're blogging about this experience (tho I don't know if I'm going to be able to look you in the eye anymore without wondering how your digestive tract is treating you). You're inspiring me to eat more raw (cuz apparently 90% vegan isn't challenging enough). Keep it up girl!

  2. cant blog about going raw without talking about the poo!!

  3. dont you mean Poopies? are SO SPOILED DUDE!!!