Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Day Twenty-Four

I consumed:

: carrot/cucumber/celery juice made by Meredith, pepitas

afternoon: cherries, guacamole on "bread," watermelon

evening: creamy red pepper soup, guacamole on bread, cacaonut ball, cashews, cherries, watermelon

result: 4 poops

So on Monday Meredith, Mindy and I were talking about how Mindy and I are quite spoiled raw newbies. Its totally true. Most people who start off raw are so limited in what they eat. But being exposed to people who have eaten raw for a period of time is awesome. We're lucky. Perhaps this is the reason why my transition has been easy. Yes, I have cravings. But who wouldnt after eating like the way I did for 26 years? I am already 5 days away to my original 30 day raw challenge. I believe the next step will be a 6 month challenge or even a one year challenge. But I definitely hope to make this a life change.

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