Saturday, July 24, 2010

Day Nineteen, Twenty, Twenty-One, Twenty-Two, Twenty-Three

Day Nineteen:

morning: green berry smoothie

afternoon: mixed salad in olive oil with pepitas; cherries, watermelon

evening: potato pancakes with sour cream (one made out of jicama and the other with sweet potato), tortilla chipos with guacamole, 2 cookies

result: 2 poops

Day Twenty:

morning: green berry smoothie

afternon: cherries, watermelon, hamburger on onion bread with guacamole mix, nut cheese and tomato, cacaonut ball

evening: cashews, watermelon, rice cake type of bread with nut cheese and tomatoes, cacaonut ball

result: 2 poops
Day Twenty-One

morning: cashews, pepitas, watermelon

afternoon: cherries, 3 falafel balls mixed in with marinara sauce

evening: tortilla chpis, watermelon, cookie

result: 2 poops


Today the raw gang of 4 went to NYC to eat at Quintessence.
We feasted like beasts. It was delish!! We then walked it off and hung out in central park. Then we feasted again on desserts from One Lucky Duck. Mmmm dessert heaven. This is what I feasted on:

: green berry smoothie, cookie

afternoon: the gang shared the following: mexican platter, indian platter, pasta/ravioli platter, nori rolls with scallion cream cheese

evening: coconut water, moonpie, mallomar

result: 1 rabbit poo

It was awesome and delish. Unfortunately on the way back my migraine began. Every few months I get really intense migraines. They usually come from stress or other triggers. I got home around 11 pm and went straight to bed. I woke up in the morning of day twenty three and felt ok so I went into work. At work it got progressively worst and caused some vomiting. Not pleasant. This is the first time that I felt like shit while on raw. Of course it has nothing to do with being on the diet. Im hoping ill start getting less of them in the future.

Day Twenty-Three
morning: half of a green berry smoothie, cashews

afternoon: mixed salad, watermelon, cherries

evening: onion bread with nut hcese an tomato, hambuger on onion bread with guacomole mix, nut cheese and tomato

result: 4 poops

In the morning I could hardly eat and then I threw up most of the afternoon meal due to the migraine. I went home early and slept off the migraine. Thankfully it went away because at 7 pm my mom, Mindy, Mer and I were going to see Cirque Dream Jungle Fantasy featuring Deborah Gibson. It was pretty great especially the part where a ballarina performed some ballet on top of a guy's head!

Overall Impressions:
So this week has been officially week three. I no longer have restless sleep. I wake up ready to go full of energy. The weight loss has stayed the same at about 6 pounds. I feel good though. My cravings vary where I have none for a few days and an intense day on another.

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