Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Day Nine

Yesterday I om nom nom nomed on the following:

morning: green berry smoothie
afternoon: a coleslaw style salad, granola
evening: hamburger on onion bread with avocado and cucumber then I snacked on watermelon and cashews.

result: 2 poops

Cashews have become my dessert. I cant stop eating them!! Help!

So I am super excited for thursday. Meredith is making a calzone AND ice cream. yummmmm. If I love anything, it sure is ice cream. I am also going over her place tonight after work to pick up my new weekly food. Cant wait to see what deliciousness I will soon eat. I am also likely around this weekend so Ill try and make my own concoction.

I finally also purchased a new blender. We have been using an osterizer from like the 80s. While the blender does its job, it takes ages to make a smoothie. I read a bunch of reviews online many of them suggesting vitamix or blendtec. But I seriously cant spend $400+ on a blender. I also looked into the Montel William's Healthmaster because that is what Mindy has and Meredith uses while there. It works awesome. However, all the reviews on it were horrible. Mindy just ended up getting really luck with hers. The reviews on the kitchenaid were great so I went for it. Ill write a review on how it goes.

So onto Day ten today. Woo!

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