Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Day Fifteen: failed attempt

So yesterday I attempted to make "steak" and "potatoes." I over used the garlic and so it didnt come out so good. In the picture it looks awesome but in the mouth it was just eh.

For the potatoes I used: cauliflower, cashews, olive oil, garlic, lemon, salt and pepper. For the mushrooms I marinated them for a few hours in olive oil, noma shoyu, garlic, onions, salt and pepper. I just looked up random recipes and made up my own with the ingredients I liked but I didnt follow the measurements so that was likely the problem. Hopefully next time it will taste better!

So here is what I ate for the day:

morning: cherries, cashews, water mixed in with pomegranate/mango superfood wheat grass

afternoon: 2 falafel balls with some marinara sauce, more cherries and cashews

evening: steak and potatoes, watermelon, the last bit of my ice cream =/

result: 2 poops

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