Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Day Sixteen

Yesterday I consumed:

: green berry smoothie, a kiwi
afternoon: mixed salad with radishes, cucumbers and "meat" in olive oil; cherries
dinner: "tortilla chips" with guacamole, then two slices of "cake" that tasted better than any brownie I have ever had (of course one of Meredith's raw creations).

result: 1 poo (eek!)

After work I visited Mindy (Meredith's mother in law). She has been raw for almost 70 days now. She looks amazing and has lost at least 20 pounds. We talked about our detoxification. From reading online most people seem to experience a physical detox when turning raw. But Mindy and I seem to be experiencing more of an emotional/mental detox. I dont quite know what that means. I have definitely noticed I am far more emotional and short tempered. This detox is making me realize what I am unhappy with and I want to change that. So we'll see where all this goes.

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