Friday, July 23, 2010

Day Eighteen

I om nom nom nomed on the following:

morning: green berry smoothie

afternoon: mixed salad with avocado/tomato as dressing, watermelon, cherries, blueberries

evening: waermelon; meredith's cake aka the best cake ever; meredith's pesto pasta (zucchini as pasta) and "bread" dipped in olive oil with garlic and salt and pepper; cacaonut ball.

result: 2 poops

Day eighteen and seventeen have been difficult for some reason. My cravings for "normal" food came back. I kept thinking about greek style cheeeeesy pepperoni pizza. Then yesterday at lunch my co-workers and I went to a steak place. I couldnt stop looking at this steak they ate. While I was drinking my water with lemon an image kept running in my head. I pictured myself grabbing a piece of the steak off the attorneys plate and stuffing it in my mouth. Pathetic huh?

But it was all fine when I had dinner. How can you crave normal food when you eat like this? yumm


  1. That bread Looks INSANELY GOOD..........I WANT TO MAKE SOME!!!!.......ive been in that spot before, out to eat with some friends, at a pizza hut, no less, SURROUNDED by steaming hot epic melting cheese pizza.......and here i am with a little, and to be quite honest, Pathetic looking salad from there salad bar. I felt so bad for the poor veggies in the salad bar, they needed SO MUCH i ate them with a SMILE!!!!..........

  2. I so agree with the comment by Hipnosha! Plus, when we eating out, if our options were more than a half-assed salad bar or a choice that doesn't involve iceberg lettuce-tomato-cucumber-please hold the cheese and chicken, it would be a lot easier to eat out, socialize, and watch people eat their steaks with no regret! We probably get those cravings because we have to stick with the options that don't satisfy us as much as if we were at home eating our delicious raw food :) Keep on truckin'! Your food looks amazing!

  3. going raw would be so much easier if we had options in restaurants =/

    but thanks for the encouragement!