Thursday, July 15, 2010

Day Ten

Yesterday I actually attempted to make my first raw meal! I was suppose to pick up some goods from Meredith but she was still in NYC. I started looking up recipes of things I could make with the foods I had. I ended up making Creamy Red Pepper Soup. It was delicious! I changed up the recipe some. I used cayenne pepper instead of a jalapeno and put some chives in it. The soup definitely had a kick! It seriously only took like 15 minutes to make.

So here are the rest of the foods I ate:

Morning: green berry smoothie. And no, I am not getting tired of it yet!

Afternoon: coleslaw style salad: red cabbage, carrots, snow pears in olive oil with salt and pepper. Kaia foods sweet curry sunflower seeds, watermelon and a plum.

Dinner: soup! then cashews and watermelon.

result: 3 poops

I realize that I havent spoken much about what im drinking. Its mostly water. Prior to going raw that is mostly what I drank anyway. I dont like coffee or soda so this wasnt hard to give up. Orange juice is the only thing lacking but I can have that so long as I make it. Just lazy so far. But watermelon has served as a juice for me.

Tonight is raw night and Meredith is making a calzone. Eeek! I am so psyched for this! Onto day 11..

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