Monday, July 12, 2010

Day Four, Five, Six, Seven

I have been horrible at posting updates the past few days. However, I have been awesome at keeping raw.

Day Four:
Thursday consisted of my green berry smoothie for the morning, afternoon I ate some salad, cherries and granola. Dinner was delicious! Meredith made stuffed peppers and a salad with avocado dressing.

The peppers were stuffed with nut cheese and various veggies including onions and carrots. Omg was it good. Just looking at this picture im already craving it. For desert Meredith made us cacao milkshakes. yummmm.

result: 3 poops

Day Five:
Friday I had to pack for the entire day because I visited my friend at his beach house in RI. I packed up a salad (spring salad, radishes, cucumbers, pepitas, onion in olive oil), "hamburger" with my basil concoction and tomato. For snacks I brought cashews and the granola. On the way there I had a smoothie.
This day was definitely a challenge because Brandon's dad makes delicious food. They had lobster rolls for lunch and this chicken mixture for dinner. I literally had to leave when they were about to have dinner because I was so tempted to have some. It didnt help that his dad kept teasing me to have some, including bacon.

result: 3 poops

Day Six:
The next morning I packed up again because I headed to Boston to visit some friends. I brought cashews and pepitas for snacks. Watermelon and cherries for fruit and a salad. I picked up my friend Michelle and Jena and we headed to Newton, MA to go to the Prana Cafe for lunch. Its great that I have friends who are interested in trying out raw food.

We split "nachos" for the appetizer. I had some lasagna, Jena had tacos and Michelle had a burrito.

The meal was DELICIOUS especially that marinara sauce I had.
I also got some coconut pie to go. On the side of the pie was some raspberry type of dressing. The pie was just alright.

That night Michelle and I's farts were out of control. The stinkiest farts we ever had - methane like. It had to of been something in the nachos.

result: 2 poops

Day Seven:

I woke up in the morning and had the leftover watermelon. On the drive down back to CT I had some pepitas. Later that day I had the leftover salad and then at night I snacked on some cashews and watermelon.

result: 1 poop

Overall Impressions:
So it has been a full week. I am definitely feeling some changes inside. I just feel more energized and lighter. I weighed myself and I am 3 pounds less. The strange effects include the restlessness nights. This continues where my sleep is not deep but more aware. Raw eating also change my period. I take birth control and normally on the Sunday where I dont take a pill I dont get my period until Tuesday or Wednesday morning. But I immediately got my period this Sunday. This has never happened. Perhaps the superfood grass im eating with goji berries is causing this?

But overall I feel awesome and motivated. More and more I feel like I want to make this as a permanent change. Even the cravings have gone down. Im also not overeating which tends to be the case with other foods. I also feel extremely lucky to have around who are supporting me including my mom, dad, meredith, mindy and dustin. Also my friends who are interested and asking great questions instead of being weirded out.

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