Thursday, July 8, 2010

Day Three: attack of the killer potatoes

So yesterday I snacked a lot:

- green berry smoothie, added too much apple and it was the consistency of baby food =/
- salad for lunch including radishes and cucumber from garden, red onion and pumpkin seeds in olive oil
- meredith's granola, cherries, watermelon, cashews, pumpkin seeds
-"hamburger" with a piece of onion "bread" with basil garlic olive oil mix and tomato on side

result: 3 poops

All day I was looking up raw recipes and my mouth started watering. I thought about if I could have anything in the world I would want my mom's mashed potatoes. What happens when I get home? My parents were eating mashed potatoes. I am sad to say that I had a forkful. I feel guilty about it. I am really trying to do this at 100% raw so thats where the disappointment sets in. However, if this is going to be a life change I cant get angry at myself for such a small amount. If I deprive myself of these cravings in the long term I may break down and just quit.

These potatoes also bring me back to my childhood. When I was little I was the pickiest eat. I didnt like hamburgers or pizza! My favorite meal was mashed potatoes. I even liked raw potatoes. I would deskin it and munch on it. Anyone know if raw potatoes are healthy? probably not.

Anyway, Im excited for tonight. Its raw food night !! aka Meredith is cooking up something delicious. Ill post pics!

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  1. I like raw potatoes, too! With a sprinkling of sea salt...mmmmmm! For sure, eat those!