Saturday, August 28, 2010

Day 54, 55, 56, 57, 58, 59, 60, 61

Friday - Day 54:
morning: juice
afternoon: green berry smoothie with rejuvelac; orange juice
evening: creamy red pepper soup; orange juice; honeydew melon juice

So my stomach made some noise when I had the smoothie. It was talking and working out the solid foods but otherwise everything was fine.

Saturday - Day 55:
: tomato with half of an onion bread and chive nut cheese
: creamy red pepper soup
evening: 3 onion breads with chive nut cheese, green peppers, onion; watermelon; slices of raw cheddar cheese
Today I felt good and felt that I could transition to the harder stuff. No stomach talking or anything. Bowel movement totally normal.

Sunday - Day 56
morning: cashews, watermelon, cheddar cheese
afternoon: 2 onion breads with chive nut cheese and a tomato
evening: zucchini pasta with "ranch" dressing; CHEESECAKE!

Today I made my very own cheesecake. It came out AWESOME and delicious. Go to Mer's website to make it!! Trust me, you will not be disappointed!

Monday - Day 57
morning: 2 onion breads with chive nut cheese and a tomato
afternoon: watermelon, cheesecake
corn on the cob, juice! (romaine, fennel, cilantro, celery, squash, apple)

Tuesday - Day 58
morning: 2 onion breads with chive nut cheese and a tomato
afternoon: watermelon
evening: squash ravioli in nut cheese, green juice, cheddar cheese

I had an interview in NH today so on the way back my mom and I stopped over at Rawbert's in Beverly, MA. Its an organic cafe with some raw foods. The ravioli was a bit too sweet and heavy for my taste. I didnt have my phone on me so I couldnt take a photo, but wow was it beautiful looking. The squash was wrapped in dehydrated beet. My mom had a "quesadilla" but with tortilla wraps. She LOVED it. I also got some sushi to go.

Wednesday - Day 59:
morning: cashews, honeydew melon juice
afternoon: sushi, cheesecake
evening: creamy red pepper soup, tomato

Thursday - Day 60
morning: green berry smoothie with rejuvelac
: squash pasta with ranch dressing
evening: onion bread with nut cheese and tomato, cheesecake

Today I made some Kale chips but followed Meredith's dorito mixture. Instead of placing the dorito mixture onto some nori sheets I put them into cut up Kale leaves. I then dehydrated them overnight at a temperature of 105 degrees. They came out delicious - and taste very much like doritos without the guilt. My teenage brother tried them and loved them. See below the goodness:

Friday - Day 61
morning: green berry smoothie with rejuvelac
afternoon: kale chips, cherries, onion bread with nut cheese and tomato
evening: stuffed red pepper, kale chips

For dinner I made some stuffed red pepper for the first time. I stuffed it with the cheese, onions, tomatoes, and mushrooms. It came out good but not as delicious when I had it at Meredith's.
So I have officially been raw for 2 months now. Wow! Crazy to think that its been this long. Most SAD eaters probably think its nuts. But its shockingly easy to make a lot of these foods and there is a substitution for a lot of foods that you think you cant live without. I am most worried that I am not getting enough variety in my meals. I eat tons of onion bread, nut cheese and tomato as you noticed. So this concerns me a bit.

My biggest struggle I would say is beef. Thats probably the food I will have the hardest time giving up. As this marks my two month - Im likely going to have a cheat day and on that day I will likely have a bacon cheeseburger from ted's. I know how shitty it made me feel but I think im still willing to go through it. I guess I am masochistic?

But regardless I dont think I have eaten this healthy since living back in Poland. Im feeling totally awesome and more... alive. Just plain happier too. Since starting raw I have lost about 13 pounds total. I still have about 28 pounds to go to get at a weight Im happy with but I am okay with this being a gradual thing. Im eating like a queen with no starvation involved or resulting to crazy stuff. So onto the next month of rawness.

Just a warning, since school started Im probably going to slack off on the updates but ill do my best.

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  1. Oooh how do you make the onion bread and chive nut cheese? They look soooo delicious!!