Thursday, August 26, 2010

Day 53: Day 5 of Juice Feast

Thursday - Day 53: Day 5 of Juice Feast

morning: one mason jar of kale, cucumber, lemon, squash, apple
afternoon: one mason jar of carrot, romaine, lemon, ginger, zucchini; 1/4 of a jar of orange juice
evening: 1/3 of a mason jar of beet juice; 1/2 jar of orange juice; teaspoon of flaxseed oil

result: 2 poops

cravings: potato chips, french fries, nut cheese, onion bread

So today I have decided its my last official juice feast day. I was thinking of going until day 7 but then I spoke with Mer and she told me I slowly have to wean myself back onto solid food, especially nuts and grains. I want some of my raw onion bread and chive nut cheese so there is no way that I can wait for next week. So if I start on some solid tomorrow ill be able to do my cheese on Sunday.

I feel like within the past 5 days my skin cleared. I feel even more energized in the mornings and that feeling of hunger doesnt really exist. Its crazy how satisfying and filling the juices are. The best part about juicing is that I got that feeling of lightness back. While being raw you get used to it. But juicing has helped bring it back!

The worst thing about juicing feasts is the actual act of making juices. Its just such a pain in the ass. I was lucky to have my mom help me make them. But I still hated it and dreaded it. So ill be glad to cut down on the juicing time now that ill be making less.

Also those weird cramps I got were actually period cramps. I got my period today. Definitely not scheduled to have it for awhile. I did forget to take a birth control pill on Sunday - so im thinking that my eating is regulating me to the max.

Weight loss: 3-4 pounds. I wonder if ill gain this back as soon as I go back to solids. I also wish I could check out my colon somehow =) I have been thinking of getting a colonic.

I would also like to thank Mindy for the possibility of this juice feast. She has lent me a juicer since ive gone raw. Thanks Mindy!!!

(photo does not include juices consumed today - I forgot to take a picture so the juices are what was made for tomorrow. The light colored juice is rejuvelac I made for my nut cheese and soon to be made cheesecake!)

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