Monday, January 24, 2011

Back at it again: Day 1

So its been ages since I made a post.

For awhile I continued on the raw path. But towards the end of October I started incorporating some cooked foods and then come thanksgiving time it went down hill. I made excuses: oh its my birthday, oh im on vacation, oh its christmas, oh im on vacation again in another country - "so i can treat myself." An additional 10 pounds later, here I am.

I came back last week from Guatemala and the first thing I did was start making rejuvelac. After that I made nut cheese and onion bread. Today I start all over again my raw venture. My body needs it and my mind needs it. I remember how it made me feel and its definitely long overdue. No more dabbling in foods I know make me feel like shit. Its on.

morning: grapefruit, cherries
afternoon: green banana berry smoothie
dinner: half a stuffed red pepper with nut cheese and mushrooms, asparagus, walnuts

my smoothie has evolved into quiet a bit of ingredients in it besides the two huge handfuls of spinach, a banana and mixed berries. I also add the superfood berry powder, a scoop of maca powder, scoop of flax seeds, msm, scoop of spirulina and probiotics. I used rejuvelac instead of water and honey to sweeten.


  1. I am really glad you're back, I love reading your blog! Good luck!

  2. thanks!! blogging helped me stay on the right track. i appreciate the great comment! ill do my best to keep it entertaining lol