Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Day Thirty!

So yesterday I officially concluded my thirty day challenge. I consumed the following:

morning: green berry smoothie with almond milk, cashews
afternoon: hamburger on bread with avocado and tomato, watermelon
evening: yellow coconut curry with cauliflower, grapes

result: 4 poops

Within this month I have lost about 7-8 pounds going raw. I feel awesome. I feel lightweight and I feel more energized. The lightweight feeling subsides a bit but I think its because one gets used to it. I bet if I ate a nonraw meal I would feel the difference. I didnt experience much of a detox physically, perhaps more mentally. I did experience some girl related changes. Going raw has also changed my dreams. When I first started my sleep was restless. My sleep is no longer restless but my dreams are far more vivid. Every time I wake from a dream Im almost jolted back to reality. Kinda strange. I still have cravings but they come and go and sometimes include raw related stuff like more veggies. I also feel far more in tune with my body. It tells me what it wants or if I have eaten too much of something. I also poop more than I used to. I also think I may have a weird allergy against cacao. Before going raw chocolate and coffee made me feel nauseous. As I no longer drink coffee, I definitely experience it when I eat cacao. Tiny portions are fine but small portions make me feel nauseous. Im wondering if this could possibly be sparking my migraines? All I know is that I just need to listen to what my body says. What I love about this way of eating is the fact that I can eat as much as I want. When Im hungry I eat, when Im not I can stop myself. While doing this I am still losing the weight! I am going to continue on with this journey. But I may once a month have a nonraw meal and suffer the consequences.

so the raw life challenge continues....

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