Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Day Twenty-Nine

SO yesterday I consumed:

morning: green strawberry smoothie with almond milk
afternoon: asian noodle salad with "peanut sauce," cherries, watermelon
evening: yellow coconut curry, slither of Mer's cake, watermelon

I first had chicken yellow coconut curry when I went to Laos in 2008. It was absolutely delicious. Ever since I used to make it regularly. It involves a yellow coconut curry sauce with chicken, potatoes and sticky rice. So yesterday I attempted to replicate it but raw style. Here are the steps I took and I dont really know the measurements because I did it to taste.

Yellow Coconut Curry
1 coconut
yellow curry
cayenne and chili powder
onion, peppers, mushroom
cauliflower to act as the rice
salt, pepper

Broke open a coconut, saved the water and took out the meat. I put the meat in the food processor and grounded it up. Then I placed the grounded meat and the water into a blender and blended it really well. Then dumped the stuff into a baggie to separate the milk from the meat. I bagged the meat and saved it to use for some other dish later.

I then put tons of yellow curry into the milk along with cayenne and chili powder, salt and pepper. Mix it around with a spoon. The spice mix should have more yellow curry then any of the other spices. Add some chopped onion, peppers, ginger and mushrooms.

Put some cauliflower in a food processor until its in little pieces. Add to a bowl and pour the yellow curry sauce over it. Pour as much as you like. In Laos the curry was in a soup bowl and you would dip the sticky rice in the sauce but raw style youll have to mix it all.

It came out good. Obviously not exact to the nonraw style but its amazing how the crunch of the cauliflower is very similar to the rice. I bet putting the veggies in the dehydrator for a bit would make it yummier. Also allowing the spices to sit in the milk for longer would allow it to absorb better. I noticed I had to use far more spices than normally because the lack of cooking everything.

So today is my 30th day of being raw! Ill update my food consumption and talk about my changes tonight or tomorrow.

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