Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Day 31, Day 32, blasphemous day 33, Day 34, Day 35

Day 31:
morning: watermelon, cashews
afternoon: creamy pepper soup, walnuts, ice cream, Mer's cake
evening: yellow coconut curry with cauliflower, grapes

Im being a fat kid today because Im studying for the MPRE that I take Friday. I have always eaten tons when I stress. SO not much has changed besides just being a healthier fat kid.

Day 32:
afternoon: zuchinni with marinara sauce, tomato, watermelon

evening: squash pasta with dehydrated mushroom, onion, tomatoes in a creamy nut based sauce that tasted like ranch!, cheesecake.

Thursday is raw night at the Kellogg's which means Meredith uncooking heavenly food. Wow wow wow was that dressing delicious.

Day 33:
My monthly nonraw day....
morning: greeny berry smoothie (started off good....)
afternoon: NON RAW MEAL: this was my cheat day after taking the MPRE. I had half of ted's montana grill hamburger with chedder, bacon, sauted onions on top with french fires and onion rings.

Soon after I felt beyond heavy and lethargic. I actually had to take a nap. I continued to feel prego and exhausted. Poop was normal. But I got winded going up stairs? Mer gave me some enzyme pills to take to help my body digest the food. This day showed me that I definitely want to continue on the raw path.

evening: juice! (cucumber, apple, carrot)

Day 34:
morning: 4 cups of that juice!
afternoon: watermelon, grape, "cream cheese" on onion bread with tomato
evening: squash pasta with tomato, onion, mushrooms in ranch style dressing; cheesecake, 1/3 of a cookie, watermelon

Today I developed an intense headache. I believe that the headaches I have been experiencing lately are actually my physical detoxes. I read its common to get headaches when going raw as toxins escape your body. I think that is what happened today, my body trying to rid of my nasty eating yesterday. I actually had the intense headache into the next day of day 35.

To make this cream cheese go to Meredith's rawseed website. She put up a video explaining the process. Trust me, it is well worth making. YUM.

Day 35:
morning: cashews
afternoon: 2 "cream cheese" on onion bread with tomatoes and basil; watermelon; cheesecake
evening: eggplant mini pizzas, watermelon

The headache continued for a bit into today. Yuck. Im going to think twice about eating non-raw food once a month. Not sure if it was worth it.

ohhhhhhhhhh so I forgot to mention! I am a proud owner of an excalibur dehydrator! Everything just connected. I remember when I started this 30 day challenge I said that come day 30 I will make a decision whether I will continue on this path and if I do I will buy a dehydrator. So basically on Day 30 I got a message from a guy who said that he was selling his! Its the 9 tray brand new model at a good price, used only once. Hell yeah!! The forces have brought me to the deydrator, hinting that I must continue!

So today was my big day playing with it. I had an eggplant to use so I looked up some eggplant receipes. So I made the eggplant mini pizzas! I took the recipes off of goneraw.


2 Eggplants, sliced in rounds 1/4 - 1/2 in. thick
2 cup Tomatoes, Chopped/sliced
¼ cup Olive Oil
2 tablespoon Basil, chopped
1 clove Garlic, minced/pressed
¼ cup Onions, chopped
2 tablespoon Oregano, dried

  1. Topping: In a bowl, mix all ingredients except the Eggplant.
  2. Spoon topping onto eggplant rounds, and dehydrate at 118 (or desired temp) untill eggplant becomes crispy around the edges (about 8-12 hours.)

I only used one eggplant though but kept the ingredients the same. It was actually pretty good. I left it in the dehydrator for about 8 hours. Wasnt sure how crunchy it should have been.

I also made some strawberry raw ice cream! Its in the freezer but Ill report on the taste tomorrow. Im also attempting to make some potato chips. Will report.


  1. You are awesome Daria, keep up the raw healing. I totally agree, I think the headaches are your bodies way to detox. Hang in there, it's a good thing because you know your body is cleaning itself and that raw food is working!

    much love and support from 144 :0)

  2. yayyy you have a dehydrator! Now you can cook for ME hahaha! trust me, i'll be watching your blog, waiting anxiously to see you figure out how to cook actual raw meals. You'll have to encourage us newbies who can't invest a ton of time/money (and don't have a personal chef :p ) that it's not totally futile to attempt raw! congrats on your good karma and your fancy new dehydrator!