Sunday, August 22, 2010

Day 49: Day 1 of Juice Feast

Sunday - Day 49: Day 1 of Juice Feast

morning/afternoon: one mason jar (4 cups) of 4 cucumbers/ 2 limes juice
afternoon/evening: one mason jar of 3 tomatoes/ 2 1/2 red peppers / 1 carrot juice; one tablespoon of coconut butter
evening: 1/2 mason jar watermelon juice --> this is the best thing EVER. I originally had watermelon juice in Asia and I do not know why I never made it since Ive been back.

result: 2 poops

So I have been thinking about doing a juice feast. I started today because I ran out of most of my raw food and needed to go grocery shopping anyway. Also this is the perfect time to start due to the abundance of stuff coming out of my parents' garden. Plus I want to detox my system even more and hopefully rid myself of these damn headaches!

My mom and I went to Coventry's farmers market. Holy crap is that place huge! We got tons of stuff worth about $40 bucks. We also did a whole foods run and I got about $102 worth of veggies and fruits.
There is no challenge to this feast. I originally thought of doing a 7 day thing but changed it tonight. This is soo much harder than turning raw. I am having a difficult time drinking an entire mason jar. Usually half way through I am a bit repulsed. Im supposed to have about 4 mason jars a day! Ive only consumed 2 1/2 thus far and its already 9 pm. I am also not feeling very hungry. So I have decided to go as long as I can and however long the groceries last. But man am I peeing like a race horse.

I am also feeling pretty negative today. So perhaps I may turn this into a 7 day challenge once I start feeling better. But the negativity is because of the migraines I am getting. Last night I got another migraine. I was at a party, feeling fine, when an underlying headache started and got gradually worst until it turned into a migraine and I felt nausea and felt like I was going to vomit. I went straight home and into bed. I woke up today feeling better but still had a slight headache. It got bad again around 5 pm and now its subsided but still present.

So onto the feast...


  1. Daria,

    Its so fun to read about your RAWventure! I've been having terrible migraines all Summer...So, I feel you and hope that they go away soon :)


  2. ah I can't wait to read about your feast! I've been wanting to do a juice feast for a while, but I have no idea what I'm doing so I keep putting it off. Good luck!

  3. thanks ariel!!

    hey beet-red - you should go for it!