Friday, January 28, 2011

day 4 (fail) and day 5

Day Four:
morning: grapefruit
afternoon: green smoothie, coconut cookies
evening: salad with olive oil, green juice (the one from earlier), but then 2 small slices of pizza (not raw)

I was so good until last night. I stayed over my friend Jill's house that night. I even filled up with stuff: came with a salad, juices and so on. She ordered pizza but I couldnt help myself. So damn weak. It has eggplant on it. I love freaking eggplant.

Im not going to get too angry with myself - although I feel a bit guilty. but I remember my first time around the third or fourth day I also had a fail.

Day Five:
afternoon: green juice - cucumber, apple, lemon; almonds; grapefruit
evening: onion bread with nut cheese and salad

i really wish i had a personal chef right now. no time to make anything more substantial at the moment.

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