Friday, February 4, 2011

Day 11 (fail) & 12

Day 11: Thursday
morning: smoothie
afternoon: cucumber/carrot/apple/lemon juice, pumpkin "chips" (bought from whole foods)
evening: salad, rest of juice, then some Chinese food and fritos ;(

Fail again. So my failure days are whenever I am over a friends house. I am totally fine when im home. Im never exposed to sad food because my family and their kitchen is upstairs while my kitchen and bedroom is downstairs. This makes it way easier. However I know I need to stop feeling guilty about it. I am still being way healthier and pretty high raw - only sucking once a week at dinner time.

Day 12: Friday
afternoon: cucumber/carrot/kiwi/scallion/celery/lemon juice
evening: asparagus, salad with raw cheddar cheese, coconut balls, grapefruit

The juice combo was umm interesting. I dont really recommend lol. But its what I had in the house and decided to mix it up some. But today was easy because I was focused on work. So much easier. I was at my externship all day and after working the attorneys and I went to the pub for some beer and appetizers. I had water, and more water. Later one of the attorneys was like I feel bad, you did all this work and we couldnt even get you beer. Hes like lets get you some cheese! Around the corner is this really amazing cheese shop and he was sure they would have raw cheese. They did! It was very considerate of him. It sure was delicious - black diamond cheddar cheese. yummm. Just adding cheese to a salad makes it taste kinda "meaty"

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